Universal Laptop Charger USB-C & Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2015

The Black Friday dust hasn’t even begun to settle yet, and all the stock that couldn’t be shifted before the weekend is now looking to get sold today as prices get slashed even further on tech products. That’s right, Cyber Monday is upon us, and while it’s been a bit subdued so far it’s still good to shop around for some good deals. We also have a universal laptop charger deal on this week, but more on that at the end of this article.

Take a look for instance at the Amazon deals that are still live today – there are plenty of bargains still to be snapped up in their Cyber Monday deals week.

Amazon Cyber Monday Week Deals UK for Universal Laptop Charger and other Products

Universal Laptop Charger Port Coming Soon?

A question we’ve been asked quite a lot over the last few years is whether or not our laptops will now have a universal charger port! Honestly, our answer is the same as it has been over the last few years…we’re keeping an eye out for this and will be all over it when it happens, but while it’s closer it isn’t happening yet! Techradar gave an interesting viewpoint on the USB-C charger that might become some sort of standard, but it’s unlikely that our behaviour and that of manufacturers will change drastically within the next year or two.

This means that in the mean time, all the special Lenovo USB style ports, Apple MagSafe chargers, various business laptop chargers and all of the newest tips are still just as relevant as ever. We also have a not-so-closely-guarded secret that MagSafe 2 chargers for Apple MacBooks will be available from Imperial Gadgets soon! The fantastically reliable, safe and dependable universal laptop charger just got even better, and you can even swap between Mac and PC with ease.

Imperial Gadgets Universal Laptop Charger Offer

With our special price reduction for Cyber Monday week, you can now have arguably the best universal laptop charger for a great price. Check out our store today, as the price may not last!

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