Universal Laptop Chargers: Are They Better?

Reasons to consider buying a universal laptop chargerChoosing to buy a universal laptop charger has many benefits, whether you want a second charger for office / travel use or if you just need a replacement. As the name implies, a universal laptop charger works with a large number of laptop models. Many don’t know that these exist, believing that laptops packaged with a standard manufacturer’s charger can only use one type of charger. As a result, people can often end up buying a more expensive power supply from their laptop maker instead!

As well as often being cheaper, a universal laptop charger fits a large number of laptop models (as the name suggests). This is a big reason why they can be more affordable to produce even though they are often of higher quality than manufacturer’s power supplies. They can be bought in your local high street store, or online via Imperial Gadgets. The advantage to getting one online is that overhead costs associated with brick-and-mortar stores aren’t part of your price. Many high street stores also try to take advantage of less tech-savvy customers by selling more expensive, low quality chargers.

That said, before buying one it is important to know what the benefits are to you so you can make an informed choice.

Reasons to Choose a Universal Laptop Charger


There’s a big tech trend towards being compatible across multiple devices, which is generally achievable only with a universal laptop charger. It means that if you have visitors or bring your device elsewhere, you can share your power supply and transfer it across devices without hassle.

Good universal laptop charger stores will typically include a range of compatible laptop tips, covering most popular models. For rarer models or specific computer types such as Apple Macbooks, better brands of universal chargers will have a separate tips page where you can simply choose the right one for your model.


Manufacturers typically charge a lot for ‘standard’, or OEM, chargers. There are several reasons for this:

  • Manufacturers don’t want to have to make extra chargers – they make most of their money from laptops themselves!
  • They don’t want to spend money on ‘optional extras’, so most chargers they sell are priced higher to compensate for this, as well as lacking the more advanced features of universal laptop chargers.

For these reasons, universal laptop chargers are often cheaper. Even those that aren’t cheaper are often better in terms of quality!


Multi-Device and Portability

These days, premium brands of universal laptop charger also have powered USB ports built in to their device. In a world where more people are becoming multi-device users, this is increasingly useful as people can charge their phones at the same time as their computer.

This is a big bonus for those looking to buy a second (or replacement) charger for their office, or for use while travelling. This means that a single charger will be able to help power two devices rather than just one, which is what would happen with a standard OEM charger.


Universal laptop chargers are becoming more commonplace as people recognise they’re more affordable and offer better features than most manufacturer’s chargers, at an affordable price. When you next need a laptop power supply, you should consider buying one – especially if you need a second charger for travel or for the office.

Posted on July 30, 2014 | Filed under Features & Technology

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