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How to Choose a Safe Replacement Laptop Charger

Replacement Laptop Chargers: Often Overlooked

When you buy a new laptop, it’s normal for people to look for the best combination of performance, reliability and value for money. However, the same isn’t always applied for a replacement laptop charger which is often substituted with the cheapest possible option when someone looks for a spare.

This is why a lot of people who hunt for replacement laptop chargers first look at the larger, auction-based websites. On sites like these there are lots of chargers for sale at incredible cheap prices, including some for potentially less than £20 or even £10! A percentage of these are even supposedly genuine, but if you were to look closely by buying a test on any … Read more

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Universal Laptop Charger USB-C & Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2015

The Black Friday dust hasn’t even begun to settle yet, and all the stock that couldn’t be shifted before the weekend is now looking to get sold today as prices get slashed even further on tech products. That’s right, Cyber Monday is upon us, and while it’s been a bit subdued so far it’s still good to shop around for some good deals. We also have a universal laptop charger deal on this week, but more on that at the end of this article.

Take a look for instance at the Amazon deals that are still live today – there are plenty of bargains still to be snapped up in their Cyber Monday deals week.

Amazon Cyber Monday Week Deals UK for Universal Laptop Charger and other Products


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Apple Laptop Charger USB Power Adapter Trade-In Announced

Apple have announced a worldwide USB adapter trade-in program aimed at replacing all counterfeit chargers with genuine Apple laptop chargers, where users can walk into an Apple store and pay a small premium (less than the price of a normal Apple charger) to trade-in their third party charger for an Apple laptop charger

This move appears to have been in direct response to an incident in China where a woman was reportedly electrocuted while answering her phone, which was plugged in to a third party charger at the time.

The technology giant is allowing users to trade in their chargers for an additional cost of US$10, or roughly £6.50.

While in their press release they did not specifically refer to … Read more

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Paypal Accepted