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The 3 Best Tips for Travel Laptop Charger Users

When travelling, the technically advanced user never has his or her laptop charger far away. However, “travel laptop charger” really does not mean having a connection for car, in-flight and other modes of transport. More important is actually having a laptop power adapter that will withstand the rigours of your trip!

Here are three important considerations to make if you want to buy a laptop charger for use with travelling.

1. Compatibility of Laptop with Laptop Power AdapterImperial Gadgets - 3 tips for buying the best travel laptop charger

Compatibility with laptop – NOT compatibility with every country’s wall socket! Most people who travel already have sockets to convert power from one region to the next, and what you don’t want to be doing is effectively spending more money for the … Read more

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New Macbook Power Adapter for MagSafe 2!

We now have a 100% working and tested power adapter for MagSafe 2 / MagSafe 2 laptop adapter tip! It’s taken a while but we’re happy to be able to show you a product that is safer, more reliable and more robust than even official Apple chargers – enjoy!

Apple Changes MagSafe Power Adapter Design

Due to Apple changing the design of the power port periodically, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up to date with the times quite as quickly as we would like. Added to this is Apple not releasing specifications for how to replicate their own charger adapter tips, which means if a decent MagSafe adapter tip that passes all our standards is to be produced … Read more

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UK Councils Warn Against Unsafe Laptop Chargers

Councils Warn Against Fake Laptop ChargersCouncils throughout the United Kingdom are voicing concern about fire risks involved with purchasing cheap and potentially fake laptop or phone chargers.

Wandsworth council late last year are the newest in a growing list of councils that have sent trading standards officers to stores peddling illegal or unsafe laptop chargers which risk possible fire, sometimes as early as the first time the power supply is used.

More than two hundred chargers obtained by Wandsworth council alone failed basic safety tests, in growing examples of manufacturers and retailers trying to cut costs as much as possible to offer cheaper products to consumers – sometimes at a safety risk. Defects that were found included circuits poorly soldered, not enough insulation between the … Read more

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Celebrating the Royal Baby with Imperial Gadgets

Celebrate the Royal Baby

We wish to offer the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge our heartfelt congratulations on the birth of the royal baby yesterday – and wish to add our own small piece to the celebration for them!

Celebrating the Royal Baby with Imperial Gadgets

Her Majesty the Queen mentioned earlier this week that she hoped the royal baby would arrive before her holiday – something we are e-mailed often to ask if someone ordered a charger immediately. To celebrate the arrival of our Royal Special Delivery, we are also going to offer one of our own – we are knocking down the price of Special Delivery for our standard universal laptop charger down to £7.95 (Definitely special as we are making a loss at this … Read more

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MacBook Pro and iPhone / iPad MagSafe Chargers Released!

It was promised on our store and product pages – and we’re proud to say that we now have them in stock! Apple MacBook Pro (85W) Magsafe chargers are now in stock, and our Imperial Gadgets’ power supply will now proudly charge some of the latest Macs as well!

18.5V Apple MagSafe Charger from Imperial Gadgets

Take note that some older MacBook Pros are 16.5V and that these should use the N15 head.

16.5V – N15 head
18.5V – N21 head

Please double check before buying or e-mail us because using the wrong charger on your laptop can cause damage to your computer.

iPhone 5 and iPad Charger

Replacement iPhone 5, iPad and Micro-USB Chargers

We also have stock now of both iPhone 5 / iPad chargers and Micro-USB chargers for phones, … Read more

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