Top Tips for Buying the Best Laptop Power Charger for You

A laptop charger is usually bundled with any new laptop, and because it is normally expected to last the whole life of the laptop they’re generally forgotten about. Unfortunately things don’t always work out that way and if the charger doesn’t break, then it can sometimes end up lost, forgotten while travelling or stolen from the user.

The laptop power charger or laptop power adapter is how the energy in your laptop’s battery gets replaced, either at the same time of using the laptop or when it is switched off. It goes without saying that it’s therefore a basic need. If you end up losing your laptop charger or it breaks for any reason, usually this means you find a new one very quickly indeed. There are plenty of places to buy a new one, from physical brick-and-mortar storHow to Choose the Best Laptop Power Chargeres to online. There are also several types of laptop charger you can buy as well, from solar to model-specific to universal.

The most important thing when getting a new charger is of course compatibility with the laptop it needs to charge. Not only does the laptop adapter tip have to fit the laptop, but it needs to match the power settings of the computer in question so that you’re able to take care of your laptop as well as the charger you’re using.

What Laptop Chargers to Avoid

With a huge assortment of laptop chargers to choose from both online and in stores, it’s difficult to decide what to leave on the shop shelf. Here are a few pointers to avoid doing damage to your laptop and to avoid getting a raw deal:

  1. Don’t buy a solar powered laptop power charger. While this is very environmentally friendly, it’s difficult to make sure they’re compatible and while efficient, they often also charge very slowly.
  2. Don’t buy a cheap laptop power charger. Many cheap chargers are cheap because components often related to safety are simply skipped out during the manufacturing process. This leads to cheaper costs and of course, a nicer price for you – but at a potentially dangerous cost to your laptop!
  3. Don’t buy another specific-branded laptop power charger. This one is fairly obvious – if you own a Sony laptop don’t buy an Apple or Toshiba charger. Even same-brand chargers can sometimes have different laptop adapter tips. This is why sometimes a universal laptop charger can be very useful.
  4. Don’t buy an unsafe laptop power charger. This is difficult to quantify but usually if the laptop power charger is very cheap, it means that safety components are likely not to have been built into it. You should also check the charger for the CE and ROHS marks to say that they comply to European standards and don’t use banned materials in construction.
  5. Avoid OEM chargers unless you have no choice. While contacting your laptop company and asking for a new charger will guarantee compatibility, quite often these companies only produce basic chargers and also charge over the top for a new laptop power charger. It will be a guaranteed fit but potentially for five times the cost you should be spending for such a basic product, or even more!

How to Find a Good Buy for a Laptop Power Charger

  1. Make sure the charger is the correct voltage for your laptop. If you’re unsure, make sure you e-mail the shop and ask them. Good stores will always tell you if their laptop power charger is compatible, as long as you let them know your model number.
  2. Check that the charger complies with all safety standards. Two important marks are CE and ROHS. CE means that the charger is compliant with all European regulations on manufacturing and usually means the laptop power charger is safe. Also, ask your store if your product is ROHS compliant, which means no hazardous materials were used in manufacturing.
  3. Check your laptop power charger cables – will they fray over time, are they sturdy? Extra-strong cables add a little bit of weight to your laptop power charger but they’re also the part that most often breaks – ask any owner of an Apple MacBook charger for example, where cables are famous for constantly fraying!
  4. Make sure the company you buy your laptop power charger from will guarantee compatibility. Here at Imperial Gadgets we offer a complete service before, during and after your purchase – and at any time we’re happy to check compatibility with any laptop. We’re compatible with netbooks up to gaming PCs, and from PCs to Macs!

If you’re looking for a laptop power charger that’s universally compatible (guaranteed!) and won’t break your bank at crazy high street prices, check out our store at Imperial Gadgets today.

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