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Celebrating the Royal Baby with Imperial Gadgets

Celebrate the Royal Baby

We wish to offer the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge our heartfelt congratulations on the birth of the royal baby yesterday – and wish to add our own small piece to the celebration for them!

Celebrating the Royal Baby with Imperial Gadgets

Her Majesty the Queen mentioned earlier this week that she hoped the royal baby would arrive before her holiday – something we are e-mailed often to ask if someone ordered a charger immediately. To celebrate the arrival of our Royal Special Delivery, we are also going to offer one of our own – we are knocking down the price of Special Delivery for our standard universal laptop charger down to £7.95 (Definitely special as we are making a loss at this … Read more

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An Ideal Laptop Charger for Travel during Wimbledon

An Ideal Laptop Charger for Travel

Imperial Gadgets laptop charger can charge tablets via built in USB

Are you looking for a great laptop charger for travel? Perhaps something to charge multiple devices when you’re on the go? Be sure to keep up with this week’s Wimbledon tennis action whether you are at home, on the road or anywhere in-between! A charger usually comes as standard with a mobile phone or tablet, but it can be frustrating when you want to leave your charger plugged in at home and wish to take your device with you.

With Imperial Gadgets’ laptop charger, you have the option via our built-in powered USB port to charge your devices wherever you are without needing to bring a separate charger around. Devices we support include all … Read more

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MacBook Pro and iPhone / iPad MagSafe Chargers Released!

It was promised on our store and product pages – and we’re proud to say that we now have them in stock! Apple MacBook Pro (85W) Magsafe chargers are now in stock, and our Imperial Gadgets’ power supply will now proudly charge some of the latest Macs as well!

18.5V Apple MagSafe Charger from Imperial Gadgets

Take note that some older MacBook Pros are 16.5V and that these should use the N15 head.

16.5V – N15 head
18.5V – N21 head

Please double check before buying or e-mail us because using the wrong charger on your laptop can cause damage to your computer.

iPhone 5 and iPad Charger

Replacement iPhone 5, iPad and Micro-USB Chargers

We also have stock now of both iPhone 5 / iPad chargers and Micro-USB chargers for phones, … Read more

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Choosing the Right Laptop Tip / Head for your Laptop

Welcome to the Imperial Gadgets blog! In our first post, we take a look at choosing the right laptop tip for your laptop when picking up a power supply, as well as why there are so many different tips available and what approaches shops take to avoid you accidentally getting the wrong one.

In order to maintain competition, manufacturers often have completely different laptop heads so that competitors’ products wouldn’t fit with them. This also encourages brand loyalty: imagine if you owned a Toshiba laptop, for example, and you decided you wanted a new one – while it wouldn’t be the deciding factor, it’s useful to know that your old charger (if it’s still working) could work with a new … Read more

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