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How to Choose a Safe Replacement Laptop Charger

Replacement Laptop Chargers: Often Overlooked

When you buy a new laptop, it’s normal for people to look for the best combination of performance, reliability and value for money. However, the same isn’t always applied for a replacement laptop charger which is often substituted with the cheapest possible option when someone looks for a spare.

This is why a lot of people who hunt for replacement laptop chargers first look at the larger, auction-based websites. On sites like these there are lots of chargers for sale at incredible cheap prices, including some for potentially less than £20 or even £10! A percentage of these are even supposedly genuine, but if you were to look closely by buying a test on any … Read more

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The 3 Best Tips for Travel Laptop Charger Users

When travelling, the technically advanced user never has his or her laptop charger far away. However, “travel laptop charger” really does not mean having a connection for car, in-flight and other modes of transport. More important is actually having a laptop power adapter that will withstand the rigours of your trip!

Here are three important considerations to make if you want to buy a laptop charger for use with travelling.

1. Compatibility of Laptop with Laptop Power AdapterImperial Gadgets - 3 tips for buying the best travel laptop charger

Compatibility with laptop – NOT compatibility with every country’s wall socket! Most people who travel already have sockets to convert power from one region to the next, and what you don’t want to be doing is effectively spending more money for the … Read more

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Top Tips for Buying the Best Laptop Power Charger for You

A laptop charger is usually bundled with any new laptop, and because it is normally expected to last the whole life of the laptop they’re generally forgotten about. Unfortunately things don’t always work out that way and if the charger doesn’t break, then it can sometimes end up lost, forgotten while travelling or stolen from the user.

The laptop power charger or laptop power adapter is how the energy in your laptop’s battery gets replaced, either at the same time of using the laptop or when it is switched off. It goes without saying that it’s therefore a basic need. If you end up losing your laptop charger or it breaks for any reason, usually this means you find a … Read more

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A Safe Laptop Charger Adapter Has Never Been More Important

A Safe Laptop Charger is Critically Important to Home, Work & Play

We don’t tend to think about whether we have a safe laptop charger day-to-day – like other things in life we take for granted, they are simply expected to work. This year though, we have been given stark reminders of how companies are always looking to ship the cheapest possible product at the highest possible profit – and laptop chargers and accessories are a commonly affected area.

Take a look at the two examples below of Microsoft and Apple, this year, recalling chargers for laptops that span into millions overall. Below we discuss things to look out for in a good charger and how to make sure you … Read more

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New Macbook Power Adapter for MagSafe 2!

We now have a 100% working and tested power adapter for MagSafe 2 / MagSafe 2 laptop adapter tip! It’s taken a while but we’re happy to be able to show you a product that is safer, more reliable and more robust than even official Apple chargers – enjoy!

Apple Changes MagSafe Power Adapter Design

Due to Apple changing the design of the power port periodically, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up to date with the times quite as quickly as we would like. Added to this is Apple not releasing specifications for how to replicate their own charger adapter tips, which means if a decent MagSafe adapter tip that passes all our standards is to be produced … Read more

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Universal Laptop Charger USB-C & Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2015

The Black Friday dust hasn’t even begun to settle yet, and all the stock that couldn’t be shifted before the weekend is now looking to get sold today as prices get slashed even further on tech products. That’s right, Cyber Monday is upon us, and while it’s been a bit subdued so far it’s still good to shop around for some good deals. We also have a universal laptop charger deal on this week, but more on that at the end of this article.

Take a look for instance at the Amazon deals that are still live today – there are plenty of bargains still to be snapped up in their Cyber Monday deals week.

Amazon Cyber Monday Week Deals UK for Universal Laptop Charger and other Products


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Universal Laptop Chargers: Are They Better?

Reasons to consider buying a universal laptop chargerChoosing to buy a universal laptop charger has many benefits, whether you want a second charger for office / travel use or if you just need a replacement. As the name implies, a universal laptop charger works with a large number of laptop models. Many don’t know that these exist, believing that laptops packaged with a standard manufacturer’s charger can only use one type of charger. As a result, people can often end up buying a more expensive power supply from their laptop maker instead!

As well as often being cheaper, a universal laptop charger fits a large number of laptop models (as the name suggests). This is a big reason why they can be more affordable to produce even … Read more

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How to Choose the Best Laptop Charger for your Computer or Tablet

Nowadays, most to all portable computers / laptops and tablets will come with their own internal battery that will be rechargeable. It is because of these batteries that laptops require a (usually DC) power supply. As many experienced computer owners would know, there are near-countless numbers of laptop manufacturers with a large number of laptop models. Many of these models will require a different laptop AC adapter, even if they’re made by the same company.

Each individual manufacturer will almost certainly provide a power supply when you buy your new tablet or laptop computer – there used to be some companies that didn’t include these, but since about the year 2005 these were gradually phased out. However, as an added … Read more

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Apple Laptop Charger USB Power Adapter Trade-In Announced

Apple have announced a worldwide USB adapter trade-in program aimed at replacing all counterfeit chargers with genuine Apple laptop chargers, where users can walk into an Apple store and pay a small premium (less than the price of a normal Apple charger) to trade-in their third party charger for an Apple laptop charger

This move appears to have been in direct response to an incident in China where a woman was reportedly electrocuted while answering her phone, which was plugged in to a third party charger at the time.

The technology giant is allowing users to trade in their chargers for an additional cost of US$10, or roughly £6.50.

While in their press release they did not specifically refer to … Read more

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UK Councils Warn Against Unsafe Laptop Chargers

Councils Warn Against Fake Laptop ChargersCouncils throughout the United Kingdom are voicing concern about fire risks involved with purchasing cheap and potentially fake laptop or phone chargers.

Wandsworth council late last year are the newest in a growing list of councils that have sent trading standards officers to stores peddling illegal or unsafe laptop chargers which risk possible fire, sometimes as early as the first time the power supply is used.

More than two hundred chargers obtained by Wandsworth council alone failed basic safety tests, in growing examples of manufacturers and retailers trying to cut costs as much as possible to offer cheaper products to consumers – sometimes at a safety risk. Defects that were found included circuits poorly soldered, not enough insulation between the … Read more

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