Imperial Gadgets Laptop Charger F.A.Q.

Some of the most common questions we get asked about our Imperial Gadgets universal laptop charger are below. Don't see your question? No worries, just e-mail at info@imperialgadgets.co.uk and we'll make sure you get a response!

Q: Is the Imperial Gadgets laptop charger compatible with my laptop?

A: In short, yes! The charger is effectively compatible with over 99% of laptops, and that includes Apples (yes, MagSafe is fine!) and smaller netbooks and ultrabooks. To avoid all doubt, simply place your laptop make and model in the dialog box when you check out, and we manually confirm compatibility for every order. We guarantee compatibility when we send out a charger or your money back.

If you're still unsure or have any questions, feel free to reach out at info@imperialgadgets.co.uk and we'll happily help out.

Q: What laptop adapter tips / heads come with the charger package?
A: When you place an order, we double check which laptop adapter head / tip is compatible and include it for you, so you never need to worry about not having the right tip! However, for reference the charger package itself comes with the following tips (N04, N06, N07, N09, N13, N14, N18, N19). If you need extra laptop adapter tips / heads on top of this, you can buy them at a discount with the charger, just choose on on the laptop tips page.

Q: I'm not so sure about shopping online - I normally buy from a shop that has tangible customer service. What makes you so great?
A: This is exactly how the website was founded, actually! We saw premium chargers at high street big-name stores for between £80 and £120 and thought "you shouldn't need to charge this much just to have someone to talk to". We reckon there's such a thing as good customer service online, and we hope to be able to prove that to you. We answer our e-mails within 2 days (usually same day), money-back-guarantee compatibility with laptops and also make sure if someone needs their charger urgently we can cater to that.

We're online only to avoid the overhead costs of running a shop (even rent alone would be huge) which is why the price point of our charger is lower than all "premium" models. Make no mistake, our charger is as good if not better than £100+ high street models at a fraction of the price...but most importantly, our customer service is what makes our shop different.

Q: Can I make a suggestion or leave you guys a comment or testimonial?
A: Absolutely - we can only improve when we're told any feedback, so always appreciate it. Please e-mail in to info@imperialgadgets.co.uk and we'll make sure to read and respond. Also, many thanks for your testimonials which we do publish on the site! or sure!

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