Is My Laptop Compatible?

Will Imperial Gadgets' Charger Work With My Laptop?

Yes! No problem, Imperial Gadgets has you covered.

When you add your laptop charger to your cart, you are asked for your laptop make and model (ideally with voltage information as well if you have it). We check each order to ensure the right laptop adapter tip ships with the charger so you are never in doubt. We do this as standard as part of our excellent customer service! :)

What Does The Charger Come With?

The charger package itself comes equipped with eight common laptop adapter tips, but don't worry - if you've input your laptop make and model at checkout, we include the extra laptop adapter tip you require in the package itself!

The eight included laptop adapter tips are N04, N06, N07, N09, N13, N14, N18 & N19. Check out the Laptop Adapter Tips page here for which laptops these adapter tips charge. If you need more than the one extra tip (i.e. you run a business and need one of everything, etc.) we can supply these too at a discount if you buy them together with a laptop charger - simply choose the ones you want from the laptop adapter heads page.

Apples (including MagSafe!), Netbooks and Ultrabooks are also all compatible with the Imperial Gadgets' premium charger.

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